The Richtersveld is a land full of legends, passed down by the elders of the area to this day. Brave explorers and pioneering missionaries.

Stories of ancient giant snakes, and half-human trees all play a role in its history. Under the wide-open skies, these stories are told and interwoven with the present.

The Richtersveld is a harsh and unpredictable land, located in one of the most remote and least explored corners of South Africa. However, it is also a land where the people, such as the Nama, Bosluisbasters, and other ethnic groups, have learned to live in harmony with the environment.

The inland mountain desert has been shaped by the geology and harsh climate, causing its inhabitants to move their homes, stock, and families between grazing areas as the seasons change. Fortune has touched the coastal parts of the Richtersveld, with diamond mining influencing the lives and environment of the sea people.

The entire Richtersveld experiences extremes climates, which, when combined with the wide range of landscapes and rock types, have created numerous micro habitats. These, in turn, have triggered spectacular adaptation strategies in plants and animals. In fact, the Richtersveld is home to the richest diversity of succulent plants on earth, some of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

In short, the Richtersveld is a land with a unique biological, mineral, and cultural wealth.